Monday, December 15, 2014

A Shelter Cat Gets His Christmas Wish

Hi, I'm Winter the cat!

I am an adult cat and had a rough life living outside, which I didn't like. Fortunately that all changed when someone saw I was friendly and didn't belong outdoors. In February of this year, a nice person took me to a warm place called Faithful Friends Animal Society.

I made many friends at Faithful Friends, and they cared for me, and gave me medical care. The people there found out I am FIV positive (that just means I should be an indoor cat always).
The shelter didn't mind that I had FIV, they still accepted me and provided me with meals, warm bedding, and a clean home.
I even got to live with other cats in a condo - such a difference than my outdoor life. I really liked playing on the cat trees that they had for me there.
Even though I was loving my life, and well cared for, I still longed for a home with a family to call my own.

That all changed when a special visitor came one evening; Santa Claus! He came specifically to visit all of us animals here at the shelter! He could only stay a little while because with Christmas coming, he is very busy, but it was very exciting that he was visiting and having pictures taken.

I then got a turn to meet Santa, which I knew was MY chance to tell him what I wanted for Christmas. He held me, and I told him I wanted a family of my own to live with someday.

See how good I am with kids? 

Well, Santa listened and gave me my wish! Shortly after, a family came and adopted me and now I will have a safe warm home, this Christmas and forever. Thank you Santa, and thank you everyone at Faithful Friends.

Now my only other wish is that my other friends get homes too. Will you make that wish come true?

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