Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Giant Lollipop Decoration

I got inspired by this idea after seeing 'balloon lollipops", but came up with using the idea of using a rubber ball instead of a balloon, because I was trying to prepare for my son's birthday party ahead of time, and the balloons deflated in the meantime, which is what gave me the idea to use a rubber ball instead. 


Wrapping paper tube (without wrapping paper left on it)
White printer paper
Krazy glue
Rubber ball
Saran Wrap
Elmer's Project Popperz Peel & Stick Letters & Numbers


I first used white printer paper and wrapped it around the tube and taped it, starting from the top and working my way down, and overlapping the sheets of paper if necessary.

Next I put crazy glue on the top of the cardboard tube and stuck the rubber ball on it, and held it in place until dried.

Then I took the Saran Wrap and carefully (to avoid pulling the ball apart from the tube), started covering the ball and used long enough amounts of Saran Wrap to have excess hanging off. In addition I wrapped more Saran Wrap where the top of the tube and bottom of the ball meet, and generously wrapped more around to emphasize the "wrapper" of the "lollipop". Secure this area with tape.

I then tied a ribbon where the tube and ball meet. (The yellow ribbon is hard to see in the picture, and later I found a larger piece of ribbon which I replaced since it balanced out nicer).

Finally using my Peel and Stick letters, I spelled out the word "Cherry" since I had a red ball / "cherry lollipop". (I used additional tape on all the letters so they stayed secure, since the adhesive on the Peel and stick popperz product, only comes on one side).


  1. Very NICE, and it sounds easy enough... Thanks