Saturday, May 11, 2013

Tips to Find a Missing Pet

Many of these tips are helpful to Delaware residents with contact information provided, however tips that are helpful in any state are listed FIRST. If you have any other suggestions feel free to post them in the comment section below.

--- Post reward signs around

--- Place an ad for FREE on  

--- Frequently check the's "found" ad section

--- Check

--- Design inexpensive business cards with your missing pet's information and hand out to people (you can order free business cards at you just have to pay shipping costs). 

--- Visit shelters in person to look for your pet

--- As local vets if you can post "lost pet" signs in their office

                       Additional Resources Specific for Delaware Residents:

--- AD in the Delaware News Journal for a reasonable fee (302) 324-2424

--- AD in the New Castle County Shoppers Guide (302) 324-2607

--- File missing report with BOTH: 
         DELAWARE SPCA (Stanton) (302) 998-2281  
         KENT COUNTY SPCA (888) 352-7722 First State Animal Control SPCA

--- File a missing report with Delaware Humane Association (302) 571-0111

--- File a missing report with Faithful Friends (302) 427-8514

--- Keep checking FOUND ads in newspapers
  News Journal Online:

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- This list has been last updated in October 2015
- I gathered this data as a courtesy, and cannot be held responsible for wrong or changed information. 
- Please call and/or visit the websites for any questions regarding their policies and/or services they offer 
- If you are the organization and want your information removed from this page or changed to how you see fit, please contact me and I will do so.

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