Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A Visit to Animal Outreach of Cape May County

I decided to visit the Animal Outreach of Cape May County shelter. This was my first time visiting this shelter, and I'm very impressed. Keep reading, you'll soon see why.

Here is the outside of the shelter 

When you walk in you will see a visually appealing area, with friendly cats to greet you

A sign on the wall in the front room

One of the cats was interested in my son

The hallway has great art on the walls.
You can tell a lot of time was put into making this shelter look fantastic.

Kitties playing in the hallway

Next I checked out two rooms, in this first room I saw many kittens laying together. As you can see there is adequate space, food, and clean litter boxes!

Here are pictures from the second room

another cat interested in my son

Even a TV is provided for the cats!

That concludes the tour. Consider visiting it if you're in the area!

Contact Information to Animal Outreach of Cape May County:
600 Park Blvd West Cape May, NJ 08204
609-898-1738 info@aocmc.org


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