Thursday, July 17, 2014

Easy Organizing with a Box

Many years ago, I learned of an idea to organize an at home business using a "business in a box" method.

Now that I have a family and also 3 dogs, I realized it's also a great tool for for keeping my home life organized since I have so many things going on, such as appointments, shopping, bills, paperwork, and more to keep on top of.  

What you do is get a plastic box, (a file cabinet works fine too) and 31 hanging file folders. I choose a slim Sterlite box since it was low cost, had a lid, and is portable.

Label each folder with the numbers 1-31 and place them in order.

Whenever you have papers that will need to be used at a future date, you place those papers in the corresponding numbered hanging file.
For example, if I plan to grocery shop on the 18th, that's the file I can place my grocery list in, to be stored. When that day comes, all I need to do is check the folder for any papers I need for that day.

This is a great way to organize

> upcoming bills to be paid
> birthday cards that need to be mailed out on a certain date
> school papers for kids
> grocery lists
> notes to take with you to an upcoming Dr. appointment
> vaccine information to take when you apply for a dog license

I found the original idea for organizing a home business using this method by user MaryK on Best of Boards forum.

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