Monday, January 28, 2013

Organizing Your Pet Feeding Routine

My family and I have 3 dogs which are a great joy in our lives. With a new baby and the new routine and busier schedule we decided we needed a sure fire organized routine for feeding our dogs, AND a fool proof way to be sure they're still fed even if I (the main care taker for them), forget.

Here is the system we have just started to apply. We are able to keep it relatively simple because all of our dogs eat the same brand of food (none are on special diets), eat the same amount since they're all small dogs, and all eat at the same time.
It is my hope that this system will be of use to your family as well, or spark your own variation to use with your family.

I got my Quartet Monday - Sunday magnetic calendar and wrote out the times I want to feed the dogs, along with the exact date (for example, August 12th).

The routine for the main dog feeder is after the dogs are fed, immediately erase off the time of that feeding.

The rule for all the other family members is to double check that it's erased.

If it's NOT erased, then they know something happened, and it didn't get done, for example in my case, something would have caused me to forget, or the dogs didn't want to eat at that time (sometimes my dogs like to "sleep late" and won't come out of the bedroom)!
If it's not erased then it's the job of the "back up person" to feed them and erase the appropriate time.

That's it! That's our system. It's only one extra step after I feed the dogs, but it ensures routine and a family effort to provide the most basic need to our pets.

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