Saturday, May 17, 2014

A Visit to Faithful Friends Animal Society

Today Faithful Friends animal shelter was having an open house to celebrate their new dog area, after many exciting new renovations were completed.

Since I am planning to tour and blog about almost every animal shelter in Delaware, I realized this event was the perfect chance to visit and take pictures, since I also brought my family so my kids could get to see the animals as well.

I was a laundry volunteer at Faithful Friends for a short while, and had to stop when I was pregnant, so it was nice seeing some of the staff that remembered me.

I'll start with the front desk area

The door to the left takes you into the cat area. Through the window is a free roaming cat room, in memory of a volunteer, Lt. Szczerba. The art to the bottom left was a gift I gave the shelter today, that I made for them of two of their animals that both have homes now. 

(this cutie is actually NOT for adoption, he is the director's dog). 

Need pet advice? Call the pet life line at (302) 427-8008

 Here are pictures of the cat areas

"Cat Cuddlers" are volunteers who give special attention to the cats. You can help by volunteering or donating supplies. 

"saying hello"

This is the inside of the free roaming cat room

And at the shelter, when you continue past the cat section, you get to the dog area, which is divided by large dogs and small dogs.

The whole shelter is decorated with cute rugs, and other decorative items

The new Kennel was made possible due to a generous donation from Dr. Sandra Gibney. 

A bath center for the dogs

The sign reads: "Dedicated with love for all furry friends"


This dog could jump so high!

peek a boo!

Happy tails start here!

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