Saturday, March 1, 2014

Organizing Mail Supplies

Here is how I keep my mailing supplies organized. If you're in need of a method to keep things neat, and easily accessible without taking up too much room, maybe this idea will work for you as well.

I purchased a hanging organizer from my Thirty-One Gifts consultant and hung it in my office.

I put large envelopes in the top left slot, small envelopes in the top right slot.
A pen, pencil each has their own slot. I have in the clear compartment, stamps and address labels.
I also keep some blank printer paper, and a notebook to have lined paper available as well.

It has been great not having to hunt anymore all over my office for these supplies anytime I needed to mail something, it's now all in one spot.

- Disclaimer -

I am not affiliated with My Thirty One Gifts or being compensated in any way.

If you have a consultant and need to place an order, call her (or him), but if you don't have a consultant, feel free to contact Tiffany Stucky for product questions, orders, etc.

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