Thursday, December 10, 2015

14 Great Gifts for Animals or Animal Lovers

This is the ultimate personalized gift. NO doubt will you or your gift recipient love this.
View her work or contact artist at: Patricia Robinson Crafts

Original Picture

Stained Glass Version

I recently purchased this and I really love it.
It doesn't cost much more than a regular leash, and puts off a good amount of light. It also has 3 settings of a continuous light and a flashing light in slow or fast frequency   
LED Dog Leash (click link to see picture)

Just like it's name, the catnap hammock, is a handmade hammock for cats to lounge in. It comes in an original or hammock style and can have multiple layers if you have multiple cats. In addition it's also lightweight and easy to move.
CatNap Hammock

No explanation needed; this would make an amazing gift for yourself or any animal lover
I Draw Pets

In business for 30 years and very durable.
Boomerang Tags

This is the same concept as a Diaper Genie that hold soiled baby diapers, but it's for cats.
My friend described her experience of getting a Litter Genie as: "Our new favorite product is the Litter Genie! Wish we had gotten one sooner! Keeps down odors while allowing frequent cleaning, and easier than holding open a plastic grocery bag while cleaning litter."
Litter Genie

I had never heard of this grooming product before, until coincidentally in the same day, two different people told me about it, so I had to check it out. There is a version for cats, dogs, small animals, AND equine! What a great selection. Their website offers grooming tips and videos on how to use it.
Furminator (click link to see pictures) 

Do you have a dog who doesn't do well with other people or animals, but obviously still needs to be walked? Get a nice bright leash that also has the word "caution" boldly alerting others to be cautious.
Caution Walker

An affordable solution to keeping your pet's information organized all in one spot.
Pet Record Book

My 3 dogs eat separately in their own crates (to avoid bickering). I purchased them years ago, and they are still durable and truly are easy to put in place and remove, yet sturdy. 
Snap'y Fit Bowls (click link to see picture)

My friend who has been a volunteer dog walker for over a decade raves about this type of leash. 
Wonder Walker

This is a product I have and actually used during my break from writing this blog when I walked my dogs. 
You use one leash to attach to the leash coupler, then attach the ends of the leash coupler, to each dog. 
I have 3 dogs, 2 have the same amount of energy and are about the same size so they work well being paired, and I have my other more active dog on a leash of his own. That is my suggestion so one dog isn't overpowered by another.
It's absolutely much easier than having 3 dogs all on their own separate leashes.
Wonder Walker

These tags are beautiful and have very high ratings on Amazon. They are not only beautiful, and come in a variety of colors, but they are also affordable! These would make an adorable and practical accessory for your pet, and a perfect gift. 
Glitter Pet ID Tag (click link to see pictures)

If your pet is hyperactive, nervous, or has anxiety ask you vet if they would benefit from this product. 
It's in the form of a chewy treat so it isn't difficult to get them to take it, Another perk is that's great you can give it to your pet daily and even a little extra when a situation is even more stressful than usual. (Always ask your vet before giving your pet products). 

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Monday, December 15, 2014

A Shelter Cat Gets His Christmas Wish

Hi, I'm Winter the cat!

I am an adult cat and had a rough life living outside, which I didn't like. Fortunately that all changed when someone saw I was friendly and didn't belong outdoors. In February of this year, a nice person took me to a warm place called Faithful Friends Animal Society.

I made many friends at Faithful Friends, and they cared for me, and gave me medical care. The people there found out I am FIV positive (that just means I should be an indoor cat always).
The shelter didn't mind that I had FIV, they still accepted me and provided me with meals, warm bedding, and a clean home.
I even got to live with other cats in a condo - such a difference than my outdoor life. I really liked playing on the cat trees that they had for me there.
Even though I was loving my life, and well cared for, I still longed for a home with a family to call my own.

That all changed when a special visitor came one evening; Santa Claus! He came specifically to visit all of us animals here at the shelter! He could only stay a little while because with Christmas coming, he is very busy, but it was very exciting that he was visiting and having pictures taken.

I then got a turn to meet Santa, which I knew was MY chance to tell him what I wanted for Christmas. He held me, and I told him I wanted a family of my own to live with someday.

See how good I am with kids? 

Well, Santa listened and gave me my wish! Shortly after, a family came and adopted me and now I will have a safe warm home, this Christmas and forever. Thank you Santa, and thank you everyone at Faithful Friends.

Now my only other wish is that my other friends get homes too. Will you make that wish come true?

Santa and Angie
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Santa and Bingo
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Santa and Mario
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Scar giving Santa a kiss
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Santa and Tobias
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Santa and Vinnie
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Santa and Sultan
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Andrew the Cat
Click here to learn more about Andrew

Santa and Willow

Willow giving Santa a kiss

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Easy Organizing with a Box

Many years ago, I learned of an idea to organize an at home business using a "business in a box" method.

Now that I have a family and also 3 dogs, I realized it's also a great tool for for keeping my home life organized since I have so many things going on, such as appointments, shopping, bills, paperwork, and more to keep on top of.  

What you do is get a plastic box, (a file cabinet works fine too) and 31 hanging file folders. I choose a slim Sterlite box since it was low cost, had a lid, and is portable.

Label each folder with the numbers 1-31 and place them in order.

Whenever you have papers that will need to be used at a future date, you place those papers in the corresponding numbered hanging file.
For example, if I plan to grocery shop on the 18th, that's the file I can place my grocery list in, to be stored. When that day comes, all I need to do is check the folder for any papers I need for that day.

This is a great way to organize

> upcoming bills to be paid
> birthday cards that need to be mailed out on a certain date
> school papers for kids
> grocery lists
> notes to take with you to an upcoming Dr. appointment
> vaccine information to take when you apply for a dog license

I found the original idea for organizing a home business using this method by user MaryK on Best of Boards forum.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Monday, July 7, 2014

Beach Photo June 2014

One of my favorite photos that I took while on vacation. 

If you share this photo, all I ask is that you please leave my watermark on it, and not modify the picture in anyway. Thanks!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A Visit to Animal Outreach of Cape May County

I decided to visit the Animal Outreach of Cape May County shelter. This was my first time visiting this shelter, and I'm very impressed. Keep reading, you'll soon see why.

Here is the outside of the shelter 

When you walk in you will see a visually appealing area, with friendly cats to greet you

A sign on the wall in the front room

One of the cats was interested in my son

The hallway has great art on the walls.
You can tell a lot of time was put into making this shelter look fantastic.

Kitties playing in the hallway

Next I checked out two rooms, in this first room I saw many kittens laying together. As you can see there is adequate space, food, and clean litter boxes!

Here are pictures from the second room

another cat interested in my son

Even a TV is provided for the cats!

That concludes the tour. Consider visiting it if you're in the area!

Contact Information to Animal Outreach of Cape May County:
600 Park Blvd West Cape May, NJ 08204